WVU Tyler County Extension Office is offering a cooking class for kids in grades 7-12. See the attached flyer for more information.
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This past Tuesday, the Silver Knights cross country teams traveled to Doddridge County. Placing at this event were Carridy Snider in 19th, Amos Kimble in 3rd, Travis Moore in 8th, and Lily DIllaman finishing 17th. Keep those low times coming Silver Knights!
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The middle school cross country team competed at Belpre this past Saturday. Placing for the Knights were Ty Camerlin (30), Kaden Cross (36), Trey Moore (37), and Xavier Kanz (38). Carridy Snider (12), Prentice Kanz (13), Amber Ebert (18), and Emma Cooper (50). Way to go Knights!!
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Kaden, Ty, Trey, and Carridy
Emma, P, X, and Amber
The cross country team took home some awards from Belpre earlier today. The high school award winners were Lily Dillaman (14), Lily Haughty (34), Amos Kimble (10), Travis Moore (18), and Brody Nice (45). Keep up the good work Knights!
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WATCH LIVE: Knights Football Catch the game live on HUDL @ https://fan.hudl.com/tchs This website will serve at the live stream portal for all future games for all sports!
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Join us tonight for an Open House at Tyler Consolidated!
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open house
Join us Friday, September 15th for an Open House at Tyler Consolidated!
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open house
Today during the PL Day, AIB and Sistersville Elementary Schools received an ALERT Active Attack Events, Stress Response, and A.D.D./ Run, Hide, Fight Training from the FBI crew and Special Agent- James Wisniewski. Thank you, Clint Lantz, for helping to secure the training.
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Parents can submit absence notes online. Find the link to the submission form on the homepage of Tyler County Schools or click on the link. https://www.tylercountypublicschools.com/absence
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The cross country team took some medals home from Martins Ferry this afternoon. Placing for the Lady Knights was Lily Dillaman at 10th. On the boys side, Brody Nice took 19th, Travis Moore was 10th, and Amos Kimble came away in 2nd Place. Great job to all runners today!!!
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CC at Martins Ferry
WVGSA Score Report information:
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Tyler County Schools are excited to start our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club starting Monday August 28th. Parents: - If you are planning on picking up your students from the Boys and Girls Club please pick them up at the back entrance of Tyler Consolidated High School at 6:00pm - Students in grades 1-5 may ride the activity bus. Students in grades 1-5 will ONLY be allowed to get off the activity bus at Sistersville Elementary and Boreman Elementary. This is where parents can pick them up. The activity bus will arrive at SES and AIB at 6:30.pm Monday- Thursday and 5:45 Fridays. If you have questions please call your students school for answers. We are super excited for this opportunities for our students #KnightsPride
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Tyler County Schools are happy to have all the students back in their hallways and classrooms. Excited for the 2023-24 school year. Let's Go Knights!!!! #KnightsPride
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knights 1
knights 2
Much needed pavement going down on the road to Sistersville Elementary School. #KnightsPride
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road 1
road 2
Boys & Girls Club of Tyler County is setting up and excited to welcome students in a few weeks. While August 28th is the goal to get started, please check both the Tyler County Schools social media feeds and BGC of Tyler Co feeds for more details. Until then, read more about the BGC of Tyler Co program on their Facebook page and register your student for the program. Links to the FB page and registration document can be found here: https://www.tylercountypublicschools.com/bgc
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Tyler County Schools employees started the 2023-2024 school year today in the newly renovated Tyler Consolidated auditorium. Staff attended two powerful presentations. Dr. Ruby Payne shared research on how brain science relates to emotions and how school employees can implement strategies to reduce anger, anxiety, and violence in the classroom. After lunch - made by the TC cooks - Molly Hudgens, Congressional Medal of Honor Citizen Honor Recipient, shared her powerful story of preventing an active shooter situation at her school in Tennessee. Tyler County teachers and staff are focused on taking care of kids and are ready to welcome them back into buildings in a few days.
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Join us for the Tyler County Schools Back To School Fair on August 8th at Sistersville Elementary School from 4-7pm. Transportation is provided.
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On Wednesday, Tyler and Wetzel County staff collaborated for CTE training at the Wetzel Tech Center. Career technical education (CTE) programs in West Virginia are designed for all students and prepare them for entering post-secondary education, training or the workforce. Thanks to Tyler County CTE teachers for putting in time to expand and improve the CTE program for our students!
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July 17, 2023 Interested citizens of Tyler County: Because of the rumors and incorrect information circulated upon social media and throughout the community, we felt the need to clarify the situation the Tyler County Board of Education currently faces. This county’s Board of Education has oversight and control over our contracted employees in all but one area: the School Resource Officers. As most of the public is aware, these positions were filled by current deputies of our county’s sheriff’s department. What they may not understand is that the sheriff’s department is unwilling to work in a coordinated effort with the Board. Our recent decision to fill the SRO positions outside of the sheriff’s department was not a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction. This decision has been one long in the making, following at least four meetings this school year with the previous sheriff, the newly-appointed sheriff (one included the full board) and county commissioners, and as the result of multiple incidents that have snowballed for years. The Tyler County Board of Education has repeatedly attempted to negotiate the SRO contract, but the County Sheriff’s Department has been unwilling to come to the table, unwilling to meet the Board halfway. The Board had several issues we wanted restructured within the SRO contract, but only one was non-negotiable. That issue is who is placed in our facilities as SROs and in which facility they would serve. That one issue was proposed several different ways. The Board requested that certain officers not return as SROs and other deputies assigned, but that request was denied. We requested the transfers of School Resource Officers to different facilities within the county and were repeatedly denied this as well. Other proposals were offered as well. All were denied. We have received reports of inappropriate behavior by certain SROs, failure to adequately follow the protocol and adhere to their duties as School Resource Officers, interference within the curriculum of specific teachers, and claims of harassment. Our attempts at rectifying the situation have been unproductive due to the refusal by the administration of the county sheriff’s department to address our concerns. SROs are a valuable asset to any school system—ours included. These officers are often our first line of defense against any act of violence in our schools. But they also provide a positive influence for children deemed “at risk” or students who may not have strong role models in the home. School Resource Officers many times build a rapport with the students in their facilities, and often accompany school personnel on home visits when it becomes necessary to have a conversation with parents. However, when the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department refuses to allow the officers to attend School Resource Officer training, when they refuse to allow the SROs to accompany students on field trips, when they refused to supervise the parking lots until a student was grazed by a vehicle, we must act. I saw many comments on social media over the weekend regarding officers and the invaluable service they provide to children who may be suffering abuse at home, and that’s true. They often are the eyes and ears of the community. However, during Covid, when schools were shut down, the sheriff’s department refused to allow the officers onboard the buses to see the students who were receiving school lunches. In 12 out of the 13 surrounding counties that use their local sheriff’s departments to provide SROs, those sheriff’s departments work cooperatively with the school boards to place officers in their facilities. We are only asking to be included in the process of determining which officer is a good fit for each of our schools. We need some say in who’s in our buildings and who would work best in each school-- just as the sheriff’s department would want some say over who is in their building at any given moment. We regret that the Board of Education and the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department cannot cooperatively address these issues and concerns. Our primary goal is educating students in a safe environment but without the assistance of the officers we depend on for security, we have looked elsewhere to provide the services we need. We absolutely must address these issues in a timely manner and we would prefer to do so working with the sheriff’s department, but they also must be willing to work with us and take our concerns seriously. Finally, as someone who has over 30 years of volunteering with the schools or working within the school system, and as the director of the Family Resource Network, I am appalled and insulted that anyone would think the members of this board do not have the best interests of our students at heart. No one takes a seat on the County Board of Education for the glitz and the glamour. We do this because we have vested interests in our community, our children, and the performance of our schools. On this board we have a former teacher and long-time board member, two parents of school-aged children who attend Tyler County schools, myself who worked diligently to bring the Child Advocacy Center to Wetzel and Tyler counties and the parent of a graduate of our school system, and a grandparent to students, father-in-law to a teacher, and is another long-time board member. We are five people with very different beliefs and backgrounds but we voted UNANIMOUSLY on this subject. That alone speaks volumes and it should be obvious that we have information on the subject that the public does not. Thank you, Shane Highley, Superintendent Linda Hoover, President Katrina Byers, Vice President Curtis Heintzman, Scott Strode, And Larry Thomas, board members of the Tyler County BOE
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Parents and Guardians Tyler County Schools Board of Education voted 5-0 Tuesday July 11th 2023 to hire four school resource officers for Tyler County Schools. These individuals will be retired police officers, retired state troopers, and or active police officers. In criminal matters outside of the school, dealing with school matters, Tyler County Schools will still be working with the Tyler County Sheriffs office and West Virginia State Police. These School Resource Officers will provide security for our campuses, work with local agencies to create crisis plans, mentor children, and act as a liaison between Tyler County Schools and Law Enforcement.
3 months ago, Shane Highley