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Office of Human  Resources

All employment opportunities with Tyler County Schools are announced on this website and in various locations at each of our facilities throughout the county as required by West Virginia laws.  If you visit this website two or three times each week, you can be assured you will be informed about every opportunity for which you are qualified and in which you may be interested.

It is also important for applicants seeking professional positions in our district to understand that we do occasionally post vacancy notices to the job bulletin board at the West Virginia Department of Education as well as on several job bulletin boards at West Virginia institutions of higher education; however, not every job opportunity will be listed on these sites. 

All  necessary bid forms to apply for any posted positions can be accessed by clicking on "Details" and selecting the format with which you are most comfortable working.  Some forms can be completed online, saved to your computer, then e-mailed to the Office of Human Resources.  A confirmation will follow when the bid form is received and printed in the Office of Human Resources.  Other candidates may choose to use the paper-based bid forms and submit them in hard copy format.  In any event, any attempt to secure any position with our district must begin with a properly completed and timely submitted bid form.

Those candidates that visit this website often will have the most up-to-date information about employment opportunities with Tyler County Schools.  All job vacancies are advertised on this site a minimum of five days; therefore, visiting the website 2 or 3 times each week will help keep candidates seeking employment informed about job opportunities in Tyler County Schools.

Finally, if you are a job-seeker, you may sometimes learn about an opportunity very close to the deadline for submitting information and documentation.  It is a good idea to know the requirements of the organizations in which you would like to work and assemble most of the documentation so that you can efficiently respond to opportunities on short notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a job.  (1 Questions)

  1. Where can I find instructions about how to apply for a job?
    Clicking on the "Details"link associated with a job will allow you to download instructions for how to apply.
    There are instructions about how to apply for professional positions that require a professional license, and how to apply for classified service personnel positions that usually do not require a license.  
    When you click on "DETAILS" the correct set of instructions can be downloaded as well.  Be sure to select the correct set of instructions.

General Information  (4 Questions)

  1. How can I become employed by Tyler County Schools?
    Employment is open to everyone who meets legal qualifications and requirements.
    There are specific and unique laws, rules, regulations and limitations that apply to employing individuals to work in any capacity in West Virginia's public schools.  For specific questions, it is best to speak with a member of the Human Resources Department staff by calling us at 304-758-2145.

  2. If I send you an application, what happens to it?
    We keep applications and consider them active for up to one year from the date we receive them
    When we receive an application that is not associated with a current job vacancy, we place the application in a prospect file for up to one (1) year from the date we receive the application.  Thereafter, the application and related documents will be properly and safely destroyed unless you contact us within that time to ask that we keep your application active and to provide updated contact information.  

  3. Will I need another criminal background check?
    If you have not been employed recently by Tyler County Schools, yes.
    Background checks are required when you are employed in Tyler County for the first time.  Before making any arrangements for background checks, please talk with a member of the staff in the Office of Human Resources at 304-758-2145.

  4. Will I need a tuberculin skin test?
    Yes, you will need the results of a tuberculin skin test.
    Results of a tuberculin skin test are required for employment with Tyler County Schools.  Recent changes allow for the results of tuberculin skin tests to be accepted so long as there are no signs or symptoms of tuberculosis.  If you want to obtain an updated test, contact the Wetzel / Tyler Health Department at 304-337-2001, or make arrangements with your own health care provider at your cost.

Postings and Timelines  (3 Questions)

  1. When do you post your vacant jobs?
    Vacant jobs are posted most often the day following Board meetings.
    Because job vacancies generally occur when someone resigns, retires, or accepts employment elsewhere, those actions are approved by the Tyler County Board of Education at their regularly scheduled meetings on the first and third Mondays of each month.
    After the Board takes action on such items, the job vacancy is usually posted within a day or two of the Board taking action.  You can look for job vacancies to be posted most often on the first and third Tuesday or Wednesday of each month.

  2. For how long do you post your job vacancies?
    West Virginia law requires that jobs are posted no less than five (5) days.
    All jobs are posted for five days at a minimum, and are occasionally posted for longer periods of time.  Extended posting periods generally occur when the vacancy is posted more than one time, or when qualified applicants are in short supply throughout our region and state.

  3.  Where can I view the job vacancy postings?
    You can view job vacancy postings on this website and at each facility operated by Tyler County Schools.
    We post all job vacancies on this website and at each of our schools and administrative offices.  We occasionally post professional job vacancies at the West Virginia Department of Education Job Bulletin Board, as well as with Career Services departments at Fairmont State University, Marshall University, and West Virginia University.
    To access job postings listed on this website, visit the home page and click on the "Employment Opportunities" button.

Applying Online  (1 Questions)

  1. Can I apply online?
    Many, but not all of the resources and forms you need to apply are online now.
    We are continually working to make all the forms and documents necessary to assemble a complete application packet available online; however, we have more work to do to meet that goal.  Employment will always require at least one face-to-face meeting for completing some additional paperwork and an informal or formal interview.