Preparing, Recruiting, Training and Retaining High Quality Teachers and Principals - Title II, ESEA

Funding provided to Tyler County under Title II, Part D of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is used in multiple ways at all schools and grade levels.

Title II, Part D funds are used to provide tutoring for students at Tyler Consolidated Middle School and Tyler Consolidated High School, assist in providing teachers who work as interventionists in our elementary and middle schools, professional development for teachers at all schools and tuition reimbursement for teachers at the middle school and high school who are furthering their knowledge and skills to be recognized as a highly qualified teacher.


Mr. Duane Dober

Director of Human Resources, Federal Programs and Student Services

304-758-2145  Extn: 113

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Mrs. Marsha L Riffle

Secretary for Human Resources, Federal Programs and Transportation

304-758-2145  Extn: 101

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