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Construction Underway

It was a busy week this past week at Tyler Consolidated...

Sun Mar 07 04:27 PM

Studio 123 Under Construction

Studio 123 is the all new Integrated Broadcast Centre at Tyler Consolidated High School. Though the opening of the entire studio won’t be until August, there’s so much that our Knights should be excited for. There is a state of the art television studio set currently in the process of being built. This will include an anchor desk, an interview station, and a Cyclorama green screen. With this, students will be able to broadcast school news, sports interviews, and much more including segments of their peers and teachers. New cameras, teleprompters, and studio lighting will add to the real-life setting allowing for our Knights to have first hand, real world experience that they can take with them beyond high school. Also, Studio 123 will be the home of WRSG Knights 91.5, the school radio station. The station is getting a complete makeover. A survey is currently in the works to collect data of what the public wants to hear. A great, new addition is that students will be live on air during school hours. You’ll be able to call in to suggest songs, talk with the hosts, and even compete in contests! The “New” Knights 91.5 will begin airing in the coming months! Stay tuned! We can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Sat Jan 30 04:06 PM