Welcome to the Office of Human Resources

Office of Human  Resources

All employment opportunities with Tyler County Schools are announced on this website and in various locations at each of our facilities throughout the county as required by West Virginia laws.  If you visit this website two or three times each week, you can be assured you will be informed about every opportunity for which you are qualified and in which you may be interested.

It is also important for applicants seeking professional positions in our district to understand that we do occasionally post vacancy notices to the job bulletin board at the West Virginia Department of Education as well as on several job bulletin boards at West Virginia institutions of higher education; however, not every job opportunity will be listed on these sites. 

All  necessary bid forms to apply for any posted positions can be accessed by clicking on "Details" and selecting the format with which you are most comfortable working.  Some forms can be completed online, saved to your computer, then e-mailed to the Office of Human Resources.  A confirmation will follow when the bid form is received and printed in the Office of Human Resources.  Other candidates may choose to use the paper-based bid forms and submit them in hard copy format.  In any event, any attempt to secure any position with our district must begin with a properly completed and timely submitted bid form.

Those candidates that visit this website often will have the most up-to-date information about employment opportunities with Tyler County Schools.  All job vacancies are advertised on this site a minimum of five days; therefore, visiting the website 2 or 3 times each week will help keep candidates seeking employment informed about job opportunities in Tyler County Schools.

Finally, if you are a job-seeker, you may sometimes learn about an opportunity very close to the deadline for submitting information and documentation.  It is a good idea to know the requirements of the organizations in which you would like to work and assemble most of the documentation so that you can efficiently respond to opportunities on short notice.