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If you have trouble accessing your class materials, contact your teacher(s) first.


Use your K12 e-mail and password on the Captive Portal page to access the Internet after you connect to your home WiFi.

Any time you use your school iPad, start by opening a website in an Internet browser window to bring up the Captive Portal page. Try a couple of websites if the Captive Portal doesn't initially pop up. If you are able to visit multiple websites without the portal popping up, that's fine - it just means your Captive Portal account hasn't timed out. This process "opens up" the data flow to your iPad and may fix some of the other issues with Schoolwork and O365.


Teachers have access to student 0365 account info on the Faculty (M:) drive.

Students and teachers can log into non-Chromebook laptops and desktops with their O365 username and password.

Student Apple IDs are their full lunch number [at] - the password is the last 4 digits of their student number.



General iPad Troubleshooting Tips

  • Quit and reopen an app (Instructions)
  • Quit all open apps - too many open apps will cause issues
  • Log out/log in (Instructions)
  • Restart iPad (Instructions)
  • Delete/reinstall app (See Mosyle Manager Self-Service PDF below)
  • Open Settings and make sure there are no red circles near the upper left corner where you sign in to the iPad. Sometimes the login connection will "break" and require you to sign in again. Even if you don't see any red circles, which indicate an issue that needs addressed, logging out of the iPad and logging back in with your managed Apple ID can restart the data flow and fix issues with accessing files via Schoolwork.


0365 Troubleshooting

  • The O365 apps are glitchy on managed iPads. Use O365 from the browser.
  • Close 0365 apps, open settings, scroll down to Word, choose Reset Word, choose Delete Sign-In Credentials, then restart Word. This generally fixes issues with error messages about your account. Using Word in the browser has not had this issue.
  • Notes is a no-Internet-needed alternative to word processing and should be taught/accepted as an alternative if students are trying to troubleshoot at home.
  • Keynote functions well without Internet and should be taught/accepted as an alternative to PPT.

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